Monday, September 19, 2016

MAC Cosmetics || MAC Liptensity Preview

I'm honored to be partnered with MAC Cosmetics to share with you a little preview of the new MAC Liptensity lipstick range!  I am quite in love with the array of shades in this collection, and I've always wanted to experiment with various tints with my vintage style.  Even with my standard red lip, there are so many variations within this family, from deep crimson to orange.  Liptensity answers this need for variety, and I'll explain why...

Using High-Frequency Tetrachromat technology, Maureen Seaberg has mastered the capability to see color up to 100 million hues imperceptible to the average naked eye.  She, with MAC, pushed the boundaries of color to make technicolor dreams come true!  There are 24 shades of extreme, intense pigment, and I was amazed at how true this is!  While I used to go for all matte lipsticks, I've recently added more glassy looks to my repertoire, and began incorporating vivid red lip glosses to some of my makeup looks about a year ago.  I've found that I like switching it up for various occasions, and various outfits.  The Liptensity range is very moisture-friendly, which makes my lips feel smooth and luxurious.  I was astounded at how vibrant each color was on my lips, even with such a high level of sheen.

The first shades I of course gravitated to experimenting with, were the reds/oranges.  Ooo la la, I am in love!!  Below, you'll see me wearing "Lobster" which is the most perfect shade of peachy orange.  Even though it is orange, it has a softness to it.  Whenever I find myself straying from classic red, I am always drawn to a peachy look, since this seems very true to the colors of the 1950's.  If you're searching for an actual solid orange, not to worry... the collection has that too, which is "Habanero!"  

I'll begin incorporating these in many of my outfit posts for you, but others I have tried so far are: "Fireworks" (vivid red), "Toast and Butter" (peachy cinnamon) and "Mulling Spices (burgundy red, which you will see below.)   Liptensity will be available online starting tomorrow!

Sponsored by MAC Cosmetics
#MACLiptensity - available online 9/20 & in-store 9/21 - 11/17
{Unique Vintage blouse}

"Mulling Spices" with an upcoming outfit post

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