Thursday, September 8, 2016

Row Houses || Autumn with Secrets in Lace

Stocking season is upon us!  While I love them all year, there is nothing like wools, knits, and winter coats to pair with full fashion nylons.  Not only are the chic backseams a cherry on top to any vintage aesthetic, but you would be surprised at how well this added sheer layer keeps the gams protected from the brisk autumn wind.  Only Secrets in Lace of course, provides 100% authentic vintage nylon stockings, as they own the only antique machines left in the world.

For a sweet & feminine autumn-inspired look, I paired mustard yellow and baby blue with my beige 15 denier Elegance French Heel.  It's easy to get lost in another decade around the many historic districts of Chicago, and a backdrop of charming 1800's-built row houses line today's stately streets.  Original brick, ornate wood carvings, and elaborate often stained glass embellishments are almost too adorable to bear!  As the leaves begin to fall, frosty wind intensifies, and rain eventually turns to snow... these streets become a wonderland of cozy chimney-puffing visions, like something out of a storybook. 

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