Friday, November 18, 2016

Lady Jane Vintage || True Vintage Treasures

   {LJV belt & vintage handbag, from Doris' personal collection}                

Sometimes working relationships become great friendships too, and I'm so lucky to have some of the most wonderful people in my life and partnerships.  One of the sweetest ladies I know, is actually also a hard-working vintage hunting machine.  You've often seen me wearing many beautiful accessories from her shop....  Jennifer of Lady Jane Vintage is a master at finding old treasures, and it often means 10-12 hours days at private auctions, and even crawling on hand and knee through old attics!  This kind of determination can only be driven by passion, and I have witnessed first hand her incredible passion for everything vintage.  

What is extra special about Lady Jane, is Jen loves to personalize orders, and is so beyond helpful if you may want some aid in finding something in particular.  She lives and breathes her work, so helping her clients is not just a business, it is pure passion & love.  Having this kind of heartfelt motivation, Jen has even made some friends in vintage owners that have melted my heart...

95 year old Doris was a young singer/starlet of decadent New York, during the golden decades of the 30's, 40's & 50's.  Her husband was a bomber pilot during the war in the 40's, who was actually taken prisoner for a while, and won a metal of honor!  Her life sounds like a movie, such amazing stories I'm sure she has to tell.  Through Jennifer & Lady Jane Vintage, I almost feel that I know glamorous Doris, and so when I received some of her precious vintage treasures, it was like receiving beautiful pieces of history.  I will not only treasure forever, but will wear and enjoy using what was once part of Doris's history and amazing life.

Take a look below at some of the gorgeous gems I've acquired through the LJV shop, and be sure to follow along as new pieces pop up constantly!  

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{vintage brooch from LJV}

 {LJV belt & vintage handbag, from Doris' personal collection}

{LJV vintage handbag}

{LJV vintage wrap, from Doris' personal collection}

{LJV vintage faux fur coat & handbag}

{LJV vintage leaf brooch}

{LJV baby pink handbag & veiled hat}

{LJV vintage handbag}

{LJV lucite vintage handbag}

{LJV vintage faux fur capelet}

{LJV vintage hats}

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  1. so beautiful to keep someones treasures, it keeps the memories of those alive xx