Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Deco & Plum || 1930's Historic Hampton Inn Motor Club

Join me today for a journey back in time, to Chicago 1930's!  

I've always been fascinated with this city's bygone days.  From the Great Chicago Fire, to the mob days of Al Capone, & the speakeasies & jazz clubs, it's quite the exciting past.  Today we're reliving Chicago's booming deco age, a time when some of the most iconic & stunning skyscrapers were being constructed - including our setting today: the Chicago Motor Club, now Hampton Inn.  

Built in 1929, motorists were welcome to visit & admire the new Holabird & Root creation.  Hampton Inn did a wonderful job holding onto and restoring so many of the original details, such as the light fixtures, ornate A. A. A. Motor Club plaques, and even the original 19 x 29 ft map mural by artist John Warner Norton, completed in 1928.  This piece is an integral aspect of the building's history and serves as somewhat of an emblem among the art deco lobby, artfully displaying roads and landmarks of that day, forever frozen in time.

Hampton Inn provides an exceptional & unique experience in the heart of downtown Chicago, allowing guests to relive the city's past with all the luxury and comforts travelers crave.  Our night was a dream, as all staff members went above and beyond to provide the highest level of professionalism and accommodation.  We enjoyed drinks at the stunning lobby bar, on the 2nd level with a view of an actual 30's Ford Model A on display!  

For such a prominent deco landmark, I chose a true vintage 1930's gown for our festive evening cocktails.  Lady Jane Vintage is my go-to & never disappoints, as her beauties are pieces to treasure for a lifetime.  Today's gown is no different, made of the most beautiful shade of deep plum in an almost iridescent fabric.  I added a matching crystal/plum brooch & light brown fur, both also from the Lady Jane Vintage shop.  Dark 30's inspired shades by Mac Cosmetics complete the look, with links below...  Stay tuned for more of our activities, including a local holiday Christmas market near the hotel!

68 E Wacker Pl

Lady Jane Vintage 1930's gown, jewelry, faux fur // Royal Vintage shoes // Tuesdai handbag
Mac Cosmetics Makeup: Retro Matte Liquid in Self PortraitRuby Woo Shadescents lipstick & fragrance  

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