Monday, January 16, 2017

Winter Woods || Seattle Part 2

The Pacific Northwest, particularly Seattle, has quite the untamed past & was essentially & truly the wild west.  Two key factors drew settlers to this area: logging & The Klondike Gold Rush.  Seattle was considered the place to be outfitted for the journey to Alaska & the city became a household name.  Fires, lynchings, massacres, drownings, & violence riddled the area's past, but finally in the late 1800's, dockworkers, cigarmakers, tailors, brewers & musicians arrived just in time for the gold fever Panic of 1893.

Every time we visit my mom in this area, I have two goals: spend a day in the city, and spend as much time in the surrounding areas for a change of scenery - beautiful mountains, trees, streams & farms are endless in Washington.  Today is part 2 of my holiday trip recap, and all about the beauty and greenery of the forests.

Of course, I would prefer "glamping" as DVT says, to camping... so today is my glam version of doing woods.  :)

Atelier Jensen skirt
Top Vintage sweater
White Purls hat
Lady Jane Vintage brooch
Unique Vintage faux fur
Secrets in Lace cream stockings
Similar oxford heels


  1. Your style is unbelievable! I wish I could pull off an outfit like this, but I have absolutely no hips haha!
    Great outfit!