Tuesday, March 7, 2017

40's Floral || Season Transition with Stop Staring

Spring is on the way, yet March is still winter, especially here in Chicago.... usually!  We've actually had record high temperatures, but fluctuation allows for some fun transitional styling.  

Today I mixed floral and faux fur, wearing a gorgeous 1940's-feel frock from Stop Staring.  Dainty ruffled sleeves and bow neckline make this piece extra feminine, while a crisp bodice & skirt keep it refined.  I added matching bright fuchsia gloves, flower in my hair, and 40's style shoes to complete the ensemble.  

Sponsored by Stop Staring Clothing
Preview dress, not yet released - watch for it in new arrivals & instagram!
Lady Jane Vintage 50's fuchsia gloves
Royal Vintage shoes
Unique Vintage faux fur

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