Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Keira & Cobblestones || Heart My Closet in Soho

The entire span of Soho is a 'Cast Iron Historic District,' a national landmark, and a neighborhood with beginnings that dates back to 1600!  It is literally so apparent that this area protected by the National Register, as yesteryear speaks from nearly every building in sight.  It's truly a vision for history lovers, and equally popular for modern day artists and fashionable folk.

 Matching this antique aesthetic, is a crisp, sophisticated, true-to-vintage design from Heart my Closet.  Let me just state that my heart nearly stopped when slipping into this frock... it's a perfect design that really comes to life when wearing.  Made of a soft yet structured fabric, each fold, curve and pleat drapes in the most exquisite way.  This piece is now a staple I couldn't live without, and equally perfect for fall and winter as she is for Spring.  Styling and color combinations are endless.

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