Tuesday, May 30, 2017

50's Little Italy || Summer in SIL

On a very hot morning, the sun was beaming through the city streets.  New York City's humidity actually reminds me a lot of the warm months in Rome... how appropriate as we strolled through Little Italy of Manhattan!  It was established in the 1800's with heavy immigration to NYC, and in 1910, Little Italy NYC had nearly 10,000 Italians living here.

Sadly authenticity of Italian lifestyle in the US has now become especially "touristy."  Unlike Chinatown where the sweet lady serving us dumplings didn't even speak English, Little Italy is very scarcely still this way.  We were engrafted into Italian culture while living in Rome completely on our own, and now we realize how very little Italian food in the United States is actually "Italian," and so on!  However, in my mind I'm strolling through Little Italy in the 1950's, because at least it looks like the backdrop of a movie set! :)

My look was inspired by Italian bombshell Sophia Loren & 50's Bridget Bardot, but with my own personal touch.  Secrets in Lace allows me to be creative in any season, within the confines of vintage inspiration, which is exactly what I love.  On this humid near-summer day, I felt light & cool in my 15 denier pastel nylon stockings and a breezy sheer blouse - made possible by the new Speakeasy lightly padded push up bra.  With a beautiful swiss lace overlay and elegant wide set straps, this is the kind you want to show off!

Sponsored by Secrets in Lace
Speakeasy Lace Overlay Push up Bra
Premier Pastel Spanish Heel Stockings
Chiffon Petticoat

{Lady Jane Vintage 1950's patio skirt // Unique Vintage blouse // Royal Vintage shoes // Mac Cosmetics lipstick in 'quite the standout'}

Ciao ciao & tanti baci! xoxo

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  1. An extremely beautiful set!
    I just love the association of pink and black...