Friday, May 26, 2017

Lemons & Dots || UV in NYC 1950's

It's lemons & dots in old New York today, with Unique Vintage!  I love the over-top feeling of a full vivid print dress in the city streets, as inspired by vintage 1950's ads I've been perusing.  New York City and vintage fashion are such a natural, classic pairing... it feels almost like I'm living in another decade as I walk through history each day.  Today our set is Bowling Green, standing here since 1770, and Wall Street of course home to the New York Stock Exchange building since 1903.  Below you'll find a photo of Charlie Chaplin rallying for War Bonds in 1918, just across from where I'm standing!

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{Secrets in Lace petticoat // Lady Jane Vintage gloves // similar heels}

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  1. Wow!! What a gorgeous dress and photos...your photos are always amazing! xo