Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer with Lady Jane Vintage

Today is all about my true vintage source, Lady Jane Vintage!  As you know vintage glamour is a lifestyle for me, something I enjoy whether working on a big photoshoot, or simply dressing day to day.  Owning pieces that are authentic vintage can truly shape your wardrobe as each garment or accessory is not only accurate to bygone eras, but each is one-of-a-kind and unique.  To top it off, my mind wanders to the history of each item ... it excites me to picture it worn at a time when everyone was dressing their best each day!  Today's looks were created from special pieces that Jen unearthed.  She is amazing at knowing her clients well, and finding pieces they will love - it's truly remarkable, especially because people (I included) can be quite picky!  Recent summer days had me feeling retro, nostalgic, and glamorous thanks to the treasures she found for me...

Look 1: 1950's lavender capris, matching necklace & earring set, & handbag from Lady Jane Vintage {Marilyn Eyewear sunglasses // Mac Cosmetics orange-red lipstick "quite the standout"}
Look 2: 1950's navy blue skirt, beaded earrings & box bag from Lady Jane Vintage  {Target flats}
Extra: 1950's floral cotton gloves & brooch from Lady Jane Vintage

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♥ Love from New York City 

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