Monday, August 14, 2017

Classic New Look || 1950's in Washington Square

Today we're back at one of my favorite parks, a place so reminiscent of my days in Europe and looks as if it could be mistaken for somewhere like Paris.  It is definitely the perfect backdrop for my 1950's New Look-inspired ensemble - in fact, you'll see below an actual 50's fashion editorial for Charm Magazine at this very arch!

Underpinnings are essential to properly complete the vintage aesthetic, and I truly just feel better when I'm wearing stockings.  The backseam is almost like a stamp or statement in today's world and I love embracing the femininity that was once so common.  Secrets in Lace provides a unique variety and shade for every outfit, to make it absolutely perfect.  Today's pair "Eva" is a favorite, and one that I wear when I want to have a bit of a novelty flare.  It is daring but in a subtle way, and adds an alluring detail to a classic outfit like mine.  I adore the creative outline heel, and the unique thin ivory line at the welt... such a luxe design.

Sponsored by Secrets in Lace
The outfit is a very special true vintage 1950's dress & jacket set from my favorite vintage shop,  Lady Jane Vintage!  Also from LJV - my vintage gloves, bag, brooch & earrings.  Hat by Birds & Fresia

Below, on the other side of this very arch, from 1950's & 1940's:
(Found on Pinterest)

♥ Love from New York City 

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  1. Your figure is breath-taking as always. I love the juxtaposition of the black dress and the frothing white lace, the knife-sharp black seams of your stockings, the high heels... Your immaculate hair, make-up, poise... Your beauty pierces the air. Heads turn wherever you go. You command the room. The world bows its head before you.