Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Abandoned Railway || October 1940's with SIL

The countdown to Halloween has officially started!  With only 3 weeks left, I'm welcoming this festive season by taking you to some of the spooky hidden gems around the NYC area!  Today's location is an eerie remnant of America's past... a place that I couldn't believe still exists.

We first visited the Central Railroad of NJ Terminal on our way to Ellis Island & the Statue of Liberty back in March, which made the experience even more real upon discovering it.  This abandoned station is the place that immigrants passed through to our country before the 1960's - 15 million Americans began their lives here.  Between 1890 - 1929, nearly 7,000 immigrants passed through this terminal daily!  My husband's great grandparents came to America from Denmark, so we know they stood right here.  Did any of your ancestors pass through this spot?  It's easy to feel the eerie mood as remnants are still on display, but quietly.  The tracks are still standing, but fenced off, now sitting in complete silence.  Old luggage, freight cars, and even the entire terminal hold so many whispers of bygone days.  If you catch a ferry to Ellis Island, the stories come to life with an array of artifacts and information - a trip that I highly recommend!

For this haunting location, I drew inspiration from my favorite decade, the 1940's.  During the dark days of wartime, structured, sophisticated, suited ensembles added to the rigid feeling of the time.  At the same time, women looked polished, ladylike and glamorous, all of which influenced my femme travel-inspired outfit.  Secrets in Lace is perfect for any vintage inspired aesthetic.  I wanted a strong seam for this outfit, so I chose "Dana Glamour" - a stretchy beige stocking with an extra strong cling to the leg.  Topping it off, I added a festive rhinestone-adorned skull brooch & black patent coffin bag... cheers to the season!  :)

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{Lady Jane Vintage jacket & hat // Unique Vintage bag // Top Vintage shoes // Abigail Aldridge hat box // Beau Gant gloves}

♥ Love from New York City 

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  1. Oh Rachel, you are always so gorgeous. I love the pops of dark fashion that you occasionally incorporate into your wardrobe. Such a beautiful set, too!
    xo Miss Betty Doll