Thursday, October 26, 2017

Champagne & Ivory || On the Terrace with SIL

Powdery ivory, champagne satin & droplets of gold ... Today I'm daydreaming as though it was 1930's New York, and I'm lounging on my private terrace in the Fall.  A decadent Harlow or Lombard would slip a warm dressing gown or luxurious coat over her underpinnings, and step out into the crisp Fall air on the veranda!

Just as classic as this dream scene, Secrets in Lace is my number one for true vintage style lingerie and stockings.  They have the most glamorous girdles, and today's "Elizabeth" is smooth & satiny, with a decadent lace floral panel detail.  For the most necessary piece of nostalgic glamour, 15 denier backseam stockings in beige were a must.  "Elegance" french heel is one of my top go-to styles!  My 30's-inspired vision was completed with a dark lip to pop against my porcelain LJV vintage coat, & 20's style leather slip-on heels.

Sponsored by Secrets in Lace

{Lady Jane Vintage coat, hat & bag // Mac Cosmetics lipstick in 'carnivorous' // Royal Vintage shoes // Ceci Punch earrings}

♥ Love from New York City 


  1. I'm so convinced that you're not really there You are created with some software, or you're an alien

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Gorgeous shoot!

    I'd recognize " your terrace" anywhere! I live a block away and I spend a lot of time there reading in the spring/summer. There are so many beautiful places in the park so I hope you get time to explore it.