Saturday, October 28, 2017

Orange-Red Lipstick in Fall || 3 Ways with MAC

Do you like orange-toned lipsticks?  I really love them, because along with true red shades, they make me feel like a walking retro 50's makeup ad.  They can be bright with a fun pop, or they can be subdued for a demure burnt orange.  I find that I wear orange lipstick mostly in summer & fall, and usually retire it through winter.  When winter is in full swing I usually opt for cherry red, true red, and extra dark reds.  November however, is the perfect month for orange!  I'm often asked how I like to wear it, so read on to find out....

Favorite 5 Orange-red Lipsticks (all from MAC Cosmetics):

1. Dangerous - Retro Matte (orange-red)
2. Lady Danger - Matte (coral orange)
3. Habanero - Liptensity (orange-red)
4. Lobster - Liptensity (burnt orange - currently sold out, but Habanero is similar!)
5. Quite the Standout - Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

1. With Celery Green

I save my deep olive greens for dark red lip, but a light, muted green is the most beautiful shade to wear with orange lipstick!  Celery, laurel, shamrock & tea green all pair beautifully with a citrus lip.  My below outfit is a vintage ensemble from Lady Jane Vintage.  She has another gorgeous warm wool sweater in green available here!

2. With Burnt Orange

I love burnt orange in the Fall, and a matching lip looks perfect!  I added navy & brown below for a feminine Autumn feel.  My dress below is one of my favorites - 'Brianna' from Top Vintage.  Belt is also from TV, available here.  My other accessories are from Lady Jane Vintage.

3. With Navy Blue (bonus- looks great with leopard print too!)  Outfit by The Pretty Dress Company, Marilyn Monroe Eyewear & Lady Jane Vintage.

Clickable links to my favorite orange-red lipsticks below!  

{Dangerous - Retro Matte (orange-red) // Lady Danger - Matte (coral orange) // Habanero - Liptensity (orange-red) // Lobster - Liptensity (burnt orange - currently sold out, but Habanero is similar!) // Quite the Standout - Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour}

♥ Love from New York City 

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