Sunday, January 7, 2018

Dressing For The Coldest Days of Winter || How to Stay Glamorous

It has been extra cold here lately, and feeling a lot like my Chicago days!  A lot of you ask me how I dress for extremely cold weather, and truthfully, I find these days some of the funnest days to be glamorous!  It's not every day that I can wear my heaviest coats, and I've been lucky enough to have acquired quite a few nice ones, so it breaks up an monotony.   When I first moved from San Diego to Chicago, I was completely lost and had no idea how to dress for winter.  That was 5 years ago, and after a lot of trial and error, I really feel like I've figured it all out for myself.

 It's a common misconception that you have to pile on 100 bulky layers to stay warm, but the key is actually quality, not quantity.  Learn to read labels and see what your garments are made of and purchase accordingly.  Cotton is one of worst fabrics you could wear in winter.  A lot of "wool" coats in department stores actually are wool blends and not 100% wool.  This makes a huge difference in whether that coat will keep out the cold or not!  Even my under layers are usually thin and sleek, not bulky - the key is the material.  So here are my dead-of-winter glamour essentials:

1. variety of glamorous wool coats - should be real wool, close to 100% as possible, and preferably a heavy weight wool.  Vintage or bespoke are great options, but I also like some RTW that I've linked under photos below.  If it's a day I want to wear a certain coat for style, but that coat is not 100% wool, but it is still very cold outside, I'll go for one of my strong mohair sweaters beneath.  I have a turtleneck that used to be my mom's cheerleading sweater in the early 70's made of 100% mohair and I feel pretty much no cold when wearing it!
2. faux fur scarves/wraps or muffs
4. faux fur winter hats or hoods
5. long scarves - I like H&M for these
6. vintage-inspired boots/1920's closed toe shoes (low heel) On extreme snow days when I really need to wear a practical shoe, I wear these boots with thick socks - they are sleek enough to still look fine with my style! They aren't warm, so be sure to wear warm socks, but they have great traction and keep my feet dry.
7. Pantyhose, long wool trousers, wool skirts, or fleece lined slim pants
8. sweater for layering in real wool, cashmere or mohair like this one
9. matte red lipstick - this always makes a winter look pop!
10. bespoke suit 100% wool, tweed or flannel, to wear under a top coat

Many of the below are actual shots of my daily outfits from the holidays!  Check the details to see where my winter pieces are from:

* Lady Jane Vintage faux fur coat * TIP!  If your coat doesn't have a standing collar, add a faux fur scarf for extra extra warmth and glamour.
* Lady Jane Vintage faux fur hat
similar faux fur collar scarf
* Top Vintage boots - wear little hidden socks in lace up boots

* Top Vintage Coat
* Underneath - a sweater like this one & a full black fleece lined pants like these
* H&M scarf
* Lady Jane Vintage hat
* Royal Vintage 1920's shoes - so comfortable & I wore socks for extra warmth!
similar faux fur lined gloves

Lady Jane Vintage coat & hat
* H&M scarf
* On Eric - Sartoria Jensen bespoke wool coat

* Top Vintage coat 
* Royal Vintage shoes - This particular day was to be minimal walking outside. 
* Full Glimmer Seamed pantyhose from Secrets in Lace 
* MAC Retro Matte Liquid Metallics lipstick in Retrograde

Atelier Jensen bespoke tweed suit - very warm warm, but also can wear a top coat over which will be extremely warm
* Lady Jane Vintage cashmere sweater
* faux fur muff (similar)
* Beau Gant gloves}

If I'm not wearing a hat, I'll wear a coat with a hood to protect my head.  This coat is a few years old from Collectif Clothing but I found a similar one here!

More Winter Glamour Ideas:


  1. Wonderful post! You make looking glamorous in the cold so easy! :)

  2. Love the pop of fur!


  3. Great tips here! I have a couple to add. It is really hard to find winter boots that both look good and are warm, so go one size up and buy wooly inlay soles for them instead. They often have a base of aluminium, which will stop the cold from getting in when you stand still, waiting for the bus for instance. Also, layers of thin wool are good, you can always remove a layer or two if you get too hot. Greetings from Norway, and thanks for a lovely blog! My favourite, definitely :)

  4. Great tips! I have an extra one, it is really hard, if not impossible to find winter boots that are both warm and look good. Go one size up and invest in inlay soles of wool with an aluminium layer under it, to stop the cold from coming in when you stand still. Also, several layers of thin wool work well, just remove layers when you get too hot. Thanks for a fab blog, my absolute favourite. Greetings from Norway! :)