Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lavender Spray & Silver Powder || Skincare Current Favs

Welcome to a world of color, aroma, therapy & rejuvenation with my skincare go-to, Mario Badescu.  Today I'm sharing gems I'm currently loving!

You might remember my review on the MB Rosewater & Green Tea facial sprays?  As if scents couldn't get any sweeter, they just released it in Lavender!  I have a lot of nostalgia from this aroma, as I've spent many summers visiting the lavender fields in Washington with my mom.  :)  As with all Mario Badescu facial sprays, a therapeutic smell is not the only benefit - just the icing on the cake.  Here are some of the other uses I've discovered:

* I like to spritz on my face about an hour after moisturizing.  I've found it extends the all benefits of my moisturizers and adds an extra bright look & smooth, fresh feeling!

* I spray it on my beauty blenders when applying makeup for an extra smooth application.  I also spray it on my eyeliner brushes, and into my eyeliner pots to moisten them and soften any dryness.  I also sometimes use as a setting spray!

* Spritz throughout the day, because it has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to treat acne & both dry and oily skin, as well as reduce redness.

2. Silver Powder $12

This powder is for oily skin, and it works!  It helps to draw out blackheads and absorbs excess oil and impurities.  I visibly noticed smaller pores for 2 days after using it!  I also have seen a reduction in T-zone shine  I highly recommend it, and the price is unbeatable!

This night cream delivers exactly what it claims to do: silky-smooth skin, nourishing hydration, boosts radiance.  It is now one of my top 2 favorite night creams, because it does all of this without any grease - it melts into the skin, and I wake up with baby soft skin every time.

I'm a fan of having a separate cream formulated specifically for neck & chest, since our skin has different needs on various parts of our bodies.  I actually had a little area of break outs when using my face cream on my neck, but never with this neck cream!  I sometimes layer this with coconut oil and have had great results.

5. My 3 favorite masks! (all 3 reduce my pore size, brighten my skin, balance discoloration, hydrate yet balance oiliness, and calm troubled areas)

 * Rose Hips Mask $20

♥ Love from New York City 

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