Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Corset Series || My Inspiration & Favorite Corset

{Secrets in Lace bullet bra & babydoll cover up}

The number 1 topic I'm asked about, and have been asked about for years, has to do with my hourglass silhouette.  "How do you achieve your shape?"  "What kind of corset or shapewear do you wear?" "How is your waist so small?"  As promised, here is a long-awaited update on the subject, and this will be a multiple part series!

I wear corsets and I have most of my clothing altered to fit my waist.  I have extreme measurements, and I also have a long torso, which allows for cinching with ease.  My style is mainly inspired by the 30's - 50's, and obviously the extreme cinching is most common in the 1950's.  From Irving Penn's fashion images in 40's/50's Vogue & Dior's New Look, to blonde bombshells like Jayne Mansfield & Betty Brosmer... these are some of my influences in my corset-wearing aesthetic.

My favorite and most-used corset is....

Morua Designs 

Morua Designs is my top source for corsets, and the reason is they are custom.  My first response to almost any question I receive is, "the solution is a custom corset, made for your body."  This solves the issue of discomfort you can sometimes experience from off the rack corsets, as well as the issue of better stealthing - keeping your corset better hidden beneath clothing.  Gerry is a trained corsetiere, who makes each corset in true couture methods.  Not only does she build each piece to your measurements, like a basic made to measure system, but rather works endlessly with each client to improve techniques and perfect the fit for your body - in every aspect.  While in person fittings are best, she is based in Chicago, and also offers made to measure options.  Naturally a couture or custom piece will bring a higher price point, but it is worth the money to invest in at least 1 great custom corset if you would like to wear corsets often.

I have commissioned both an overbust and 2 underbusts from Morua Designs, and all are simply amazing.  I can wear her corsets for hours without discomfort, and my particular cinching capacity is quite dramatic.  (I'll answer more FAQ questions about this in a later post)  Someday I'd love to commission a glamorous, intricately decorated piece, but for now I have stayed with styles that I just simply really needed for everyday wear.  I wear the above underbust nearly every day, and this is exactly how I ask for it to be designed!  The peach color is not only a pretty shade with a strong vintage feel, but this is the perfect color for concealing my corset beneath pretty much any type of blouse.  I personally like my corset to be as hidden as possible, and this color allows for even sheer tops to be an option to wear.  I did want a very subtle dash of femininity, so Gerry added a simple ribbon & flower.

{Secrets in Lace bullet brababydoll cover up, fishnets & satin full coverage}

Stay tuned for more favorite corset brands and more info soon!

 Love from New York City 

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  1. What's your natural waist size? My waist is 24 inches but I have a short torso, and I stand at 5'0 ft. I've been looking into getting a corset mainly for posture and support purposes than achieving the hourglass silhouette. Thank you so much for sharing!