Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Corset Series || Secrets in Lace Mesh Underbust

You probably know that I've been wearing Secrets in Lace stockings & lingerie for years - my #1 source for underpinnings!  What you might not know, is that they also offers a great corset selection, and recently added a new style which is quickly becoming a favorite: Mesh Underbust.  The mesh material is comfortable and breathable for warmer weather, and there is a perfect amount of give to allow for a flattering fit on a variety of shapes.  It offers a nice dramatic silhouette, and is a great off rack option for stealthing.  The modesty panel was removed in the back for better cinching, as well as a more clean look with the mesh.  I personally have never found a need for modesty panels.  They are supposed to protect your back from rope burn, but I've never had an issue with it.  I actually find corsets more comfortable without the panel.  I'm showcasing both black and white, but this beauty also is offered in gold.  Here I'm showcasing the black version over another new favorite SIL piece - the decadent dotted Point d"Esprit Robe.

Be sure to include your corset questions under my latest instagram post!  I'll also be gathering all of your questions soon & creating a big FAQ post, so stay tuned for that as well as more corset brands that I love.... coming up soon!

Secrets in Lace Mesh Underbust
Point d'Esprit Robe
Speakeasy Lace Overlay Bra
Retro Satin Panty
{Lady Jane Vintage jewelry}

 Love from New York City 

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