Friday, May 4, 2018

Corset Series || Orchard Corset Satin 411 Underbust

If the price tag for custom is just not in your budget, off the rack corsets are a great option, as I stated in my last corset post with Secrets in Lace.  Orchard Corset was the very first corset brand I started wearing!  They offer wonderful tips on their website for beginners and amazing customer service if you have any questions at all about which corset to buy.  These photos are in the 411 Satin Underbust in pink and black.  I love this style because of it's smooth silhouette, comfort & the simple glamour of it's satin shine.  It's lined with cotton for comfort, which will also be more breathable in summer.  Another fun thing about OC is all of their color options - it doesn't get any more vintage glamour doll than a baby pink satin corset!

Orchard Corset Satin Standard 411 Underbust in pink & black (black unseasoned)
I recommend using these Wide Satin Ribbon replacements laces!  They are my favorite aesthetically and also the material and length - I find it easier to lace and I like to switch out my corsets with them.

{Secrets in Lace FishnetsRetro Satin Panty, Satin Bullet Bra, Sheer Ruffle Cover Up // Niccoco Creations pom pom veil & wide net veil // Lady Jane Vintage jewelry & bow hat}

I decided to show you the black piece in it's UNSEASONED state, as I've had some questions about this!  As you can see, I barely have it cinched - only around 1-2 inches.  When you first receive a corset, you shouldn't try to cinch to it's max capacity!  Your corset will be stiff and not feel right yet.  As you wear it more and more you can cinch it further, and it will actually conform to your body over time!  Read more on the OC website here about breaking in your corset.

 Love from New York City 

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