Friday, July 27, 2018

Travels with SIL || San Juan Islands 1940s

Another rejuvenating place on our travels was the peaceful & stunning San Juan Islands.  This was our 3rd summer staying here, and it never ceases to be the most perfect oasis of relaxation and simplicity.  It was easy to transport myself back to 30's/40's summer nostalgia, and I enjoyed the challenge of dressing casually in a way that a girl of those eras might do!  Swing shorts are one of my favorite pieces for this, and I love that they feel both like shorts and a little skirt for some femininity... and this allows for showing off the stockings a little more than usual!

My favorite summer stockings are a very sheer neutral shade, with beige or coffee welt & full fashioned seam.  This perfect pair is the Premier French Heel from Secrets in Lace - I find myself wearing this most often in summer and into Fall as well.  It looks especially great with 30's/40's inspired looks like my nautical day on the harbor.  I was sure to bring my sandal heels for the dock, and my saddle shoes for the boat!

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{Royal Vintage saddle shoes & ginger sandals // Voodoo Vixen top & shorts // Ceci Punch earrings //  Miss Ladybug sweater}

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