Friday, August 10, 2018

Vivian || 50's Extreme Cat Eyes

As you know well, I'm not a fan of following current fashion trends or staying "of the moment."  I just wear what I love, and that usually aligns with inspiration from 1930's-1950's: classic, feminine, and at times, feline. {cat-eyes for life!}  When modern trends resemble my style, it's fun to actually shop in some mainstream stores once in a while.  With sunglasses, I really love ALL types of cat-eyes, from oversized to more authentic & thin.  Today's pair is by Kendall + Kylie, and I'm really delighted with how they look with retro 50's ensembles!  For a classic backdrop of the iconic Manhattan skyline, Vivian Extreme Cat Eyes make a grand debut... and for fun, I added a 2nd look with bold animal print accents.

K&K Vivian Extreme Cat Eye Sunglasses

{Lady Jane Vintage 1950's sweater, belts, bag & animal print scarf // Secrets in Lace bullet bra}

 Love from New York City 

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