Monday, October 8, 2018

Golden Autumn || SIL Andrea Cardigan in Gold

I feel that I repeat myself in some variation, each time Fall comes back around - post titles, similar color schemes, and that same general excitements.  Yet isn't that why seasons are so loved?  It is the anticipation of that familiar feeling, the nostalgia of recurrence - yet the recurrence of something that disappears for a while.  I think it must be human nature to appreciate something so much more, when you cannot have it at all times.  When I lived in Italy, seasons even brought a more true approach to seasonal cuisine - not all ingredients or dishes were available year round like they are here in America.

So with my joy of repetition, let the golden autumn days begin!  To make it even more sweet, I'm wearing the brand new gold sweater from Secrets in Lace.  A combination of sunlight, sun-kissed fall foliage, and illuminating rays created a beautiful palette of gilded pumpkin & deep mustard.  I styled my "Andrea" cardigan with a little peak at a favorite Secrets in Lace bra, my burgundy accents, and of course gold accessories!

Sponsored by Secrets in Lace
Veronica Thi Hi in beige

Sartoria Jensen bespoke skirt // Lady Jane Vintage bag & brooch // Niccoco Creations flower // Royal Vintage boots // Ink of Elation lipstick in madrid

 Love from New York City 

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