Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Roses in Fall || The Lovely Rose Apothecary Skincare

Allow me to introduce you to the return of luxury, femininity, & a therapeutic experience with skincare.  The Lovely Rose Apothecary brings glamour back to our boudoirs, with vintage inspired products based on authentic recipes from the 20's, 30's & 40's!  I had always been curious about the way glamour girls of the past used to take care of their skin, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered The Lovely Rose Apothecary.  I truly have fallen in love with this line, and after only using for a little over a week, my skin is feeling extra soft, moisturized, and clear of blemishes!  These products also make daily skincare something so luxurious and something to look forward to.  I love taking the time needed for using it, because it is such a wonderful, pampering experience. 

It can be difficult to know how your skin will react to new products, and deciding whether or not to purchase new skincare.  That's why The Lovely Rose Apothecary is offering free samples now through November 17th!  Be sure you act on this - don't miss the chance to try this luxury line.

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 Read below to discover each new product I have tried...

This indulgent cream is based on a 1940's recipe and is a bit of a miracle worker!  It triples as a makeup remover, deep cleanser, and moisturizer.  I'm in my 30's, and this past year I have seen my skin go through a bit of changing.  I have fine lines, and my oily/combination skin texture has become increasingly more dry - especially this time of year.  The Rose Cold Cream instantly made my skin feel so soft, refreshed, and moisturized!  I also have some acne scars, and as an SPF addict, I am a big proponent for keeping a consistently even skin tone.  Ingredients like Rosehip Seed Oil help to reduce scars and improve skin tone, so I'm excited to see these benefits make a difference.

The Tissue Cream is based on a recipe from 1901 and used heavily in the 1930's, and I am in love with the entire process & results of it.  I love that it is rich and deep moisturizing, and that you only leave it on for 20-30 minutes.  It is like an intense moisture mask that smooths and plumps your skin. It smells so amazing, and is so soft that I always apply it all over my face, neck, décolletage & hands too!  This rich cream does not cause breakouts, and is useful for fading marks on the skin.

This little bottle of sweet-smelling tonic cleanses and tones your skin without the use of alcohol.  I was happy to hear that it is powerful in fighting and preventing wrinkles - what girl wouldn't love that?!  It also helps to repair and plump skin, and I love that it comes in a glamorous glass bottle - I feel like a 20's starlet at my vanity every time I use it.

Just like the name suggests, this cream magically vanishes after applying!  This is so perfect for the morning routine, as it doubles as a makeup primer and creates a matte finish.  I noticed this immediately after applying, as my larger pores were also minimized!

With original Dead Sea "Black Mud," this natural mask is formulated with long term benefits of anti-aging.  It works as a deep cleansing and exfoliator, and I noticed that my skin looked more plump after just the first use!  I have only tried it once, but I'll have to keep you updated.

 Love from New York City 

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