Thursday, February 7, 2019

Red Roe & Romance || Valentine's Day Picnic with Petrossian

In celebration of romance, it is time to enjoy a little indulgence this Valentine's Day.  Some of my favorite VDays were spent with quiet luxury rather than fighting the crowds for an evening out.  So, today's post is a brilliant idea for all of you sweethearts... or even for a "Friends-Entine" get-together with a group of those you hold dear!  

My husband and I recently returned from a trip to beautiful Napa, California.  Since we had the opportunity to be in 65 degree temperatures in the middle of winter, we realized it would be the perfect opportunity to soak up some sun & have a little early celebration of our love.  We had Petrossian send some decadent caviar and savories, and enjoyed a glamorous picnic with one luxurious spread!  Petrossian Salmon Roe, or "Red Caviar" ... what could be more fitting for the day of love than large luxe beads of "juicy sweetness," and red-hued at that?  Their taste was heavenly, and perfectly paired with the incredible gourmet cheeses and fine cured meats that Petrossian included.  I cannot describe how impeccable this combination was... and topped off with rosé wine and a view of the vineyards.

So whether you're with a sweetheart, with friends, in a sunny & warm place, or in your cozy living room hiding from winter, I suggest you purchase a spread of caviar or roe, and delicious accompaniments from Petrossian this Valentine's Day.  You will not regret it, I promise. 

Sponsored by Petrossian
Accompanied with:
 cheese of the month (3 of the world's finest gourmet cheeses) 

{The Pretty Dress Company dress // Lady Jane Vintage gloves, heart brooch & earrings // Niccoco Creations flower set // Ink of Elation lipstick}

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