Sunday, June 23, 2019

60's Showgirl || More Glam with Glammy

Have you taken advantage of my 25% code with Glammy Vanity yet? (RAJGLAMM)  You truly do not want to miss this.  My Marilyn mirror inspires me to incorporate glamour every day, and even sparks my creativity for trying new looks.  I have always loved the below image that I found on Pinterest, of a 1960's showgirl (although she does look a little like Jayne Mansfield!  Does anyone know who she is or anything about the image?) so I had some fun with 60's inspiration.  Big blonde bouffant, blue eye shadow, little crystal tiara, and extra sparkly earrings... with the dazzling lights of my Glammy mirror as my guide!

Indulge and spark your inspiration with a vintage style Hollywood Vanity Mirror.  Also please tag me on instagram with your new Glammy Mirror - I would seriously love to see looks you're inspired to create as well!

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Tiara found here // Secrets in Lace lingerie // Lady Jane Vintage vanity trinkets & vintage makeup // Mac Cosmetics powder kiss lipstick in mandarin o with chicory lip liner // NYX cosmetics eye shadow // Urban Decay eyeliner // Taste Cosmetics eye shadow via BoxyCharm}

 Love from New York City 

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