Thursday, June 13, 2019

Glammy Vanity || Marilyn in Portrait

Meet my new best friend, and every glamour girl's dream, Glammy Vanity: timeless, classic, glamorous vanity & makeup mirrors.  With the stunning dimmable LED bulbs, Glammy mirrors evoke the beauty of old hollywood while lasting longer and using less energy.  The bulbs are shockingly cool to the touch, so you can be assured they were made with the highest level of safety in mind.  More of my favorite features include the 1-touch button for lighting and dimming, and the convenient side plugs for a phone or glam heated tools!

I chose "Marilyn" in the portrait size, which is so perfect for everything from powdering and primping to standing & styling!  Marilyn is also offered in landscape, which looks so elegant on a long vanity table.  All mirrors are made in the USA, using non-distorting glass and premium metal for top-quality - and it shows.  I truly have never seen a more gorgeous modern mirror, and what is not to love about vintage glamour + 21st century conveniences?  I am so excited for a new experience for my glamming routine, every single day.  See below for a special coupon code!

Sponsored by Glammy Vanity 
Use Code: RAJGLAMM for 25% site-wide! (now through August 15)

{Lady Jane Vintage jewelry & vanity trinkets // Mac Cosmetics lipstick, face makeup & eyebrows // Urban Decay eyeliner // Boxycharm brushes & eye shadow}

 Love from New York City 

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