Saturday, September 14, 2019

Mac Cosmetics Lipstick || New Favorites + Unexpected Colors

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Hi beauties!  It has been too long since my last makeup post, and I've been trying out a lot of beautiful new products recently.  Today is all about lipstick - new favorites, and some unexpected shades you might not know that I love.  

First, I am so excited to share the new Mac Cosmetics Love Me Lipstick!  I had the pleasure of trying on all of the reds in the collection, so I want to share some stand-out favorites with you.  First, I'll say that I am really really loving the this collection.  The texture and color pay-off resembles what I would imagine true vintage lipstick to be like.  I used to prefer only matte because of the "sheer" tint to non-matte and of course the lack of staying power.  This collection however has a moist yet thick and buttery, which results in a very vivid pigment.  I've also noticed that it is pretty long-wearing for a satin-finish lip!  Here are my favorites so far, and a few that I love from the previously released "Powder Kiss Collection."

New Favorites // Mac Love Me Lipstick

1. Give Me Fever - Red 
Description is true red. I absolutely love it!  It's one of my new go-to shades.

2. E For Effortless - Dark Red 
It is a deep red, which I love for Fall/Winter and 30's inspired looks!

3. Maison Rouge - Even Deeper and Darker!

Unexpected Colors 

1. Mandarin O (Powder Kiss Collection) - Coral Peach
Bright salmon pink, and on me looks like a toned down red when paired with cherry red pencil.  I love this shade for more casual daytime outings or meetings!

2. Scattered Petals (Powder Kiss Collection) - Light Pink
This is my go-to pink.  Pink, you say?  Yes!  Admittedly I do wear pink occasionally and I love it.  Pinks were common in the 1950's and of course the 1960's.  Think Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief, Marilyn in HTMAM, etc!

3. Shamelessly Vain - Bright Orange - especially love this for fall!

Finally, on the subject of makeup, just wanted to share a few products I've been loving from my recent Boxycharm packages!

* Tarte eye face palette
* Ace Beaute pink eye shadow
* Modabrush grip eye kit
* Becca hydra mist powder

 Love from New York City 

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