Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Spring Green || Heart My Closet Cape Set

Trench coats, suits, jackets, capes... I have a special obsession for such concepts normally thought for winter, but made for spring!  Lighter fabrics open doors to all kinds of chic looks for this in-between season, and our weather has been just that - a brilliant mix of ending winter and welcoming warmth.  It's nice to have some outfits to wear after the daily heavy coat, and yet before the summer sun forces us all into as little layers as possible.  Thankfully Heart My Closet has some of the best dresses for this time of year, especially today's Meghan Markle-inspired number, complete with matching emerald cape!  This set is timeless, and I know I'll be wearing again this Fall too!

Heart My Closet Dress & Cape Set
{Lady Jane Vintage bag, hat & earrings // Niccoco Creations flower}

 Love from New York City 

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